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Our Story

We create premium quality, nutrient-rich food for pets, to help dogs and cats get the most out of their lives with us. We always have, since day one when two good friends started a little family operation in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada.

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Dog and two cats sitting on couch together

Dogs and Cats (and Cats and Dogs)

We just love every little furry thing about them; from when they’re tiny and helpless, as they settle down into our hearts and homes and daily lives, to when they’re older and in need of extra care. Dogs and cats and cats and dogs. They keep us company, warm our hearts and make us laugh and laugh. And, if you’re like us, you do the very best you can for your pets and for your customers' pets to keep them healthy, safe, active and happy.

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We’re More than a Little Obsessed with Proper Pet Nutrition

You should see us when we’re talking about what recipes we should be creating; the meats, veggies and fruits we should be including; which rancher, farmer or producer we’ll source from; what flavours we should be considering. It’s not enough to create a new recipe for the sake of having a new recipe; our foods have to do better than that, our foods have to help pets stay healthy and happy.

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Our Values

Petcurean has a deep-rooted sense of responsibility to our customers, our people, our community and our planet. So, what values does Petcurean uphold, day after day, interaction after interaction, customer after customer?

  • We Put Pets First
    We’re responsible for safe pet food that keeps pets healthy and happy
  • We’re Down-to-Earth & We Treat Others with a Deep Level of Respect
    Our people are regularly volunteering in the community, working to support pets & the people who care for them
  • We’re Proudly Canadian
    We’re an authentic, fun-loving pack inspired by our Canadian perspective, eh?
  • We’re Experts in Pet Nutrition
    We are committed to pet health, and we geek out on pet nutrition
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Purpose & Mission

Quality First, Pets First, without Compromise

Our purpose defines our reason for being, unites our people to be our greatest believers, and our customers and partners to be our greatest ambassadors. It’s an emotional point of reference that grounds us. At the end of the day, it always comes back to our purpose: to give dogs and cats happier, healthier, and longer lives. Knowing what our purpose is, we move forward with our mission: putting pets first by creating nutritionally-balanced and superior-quality pet food recipes.
Interested in partnering with us?

With every decision we make, every recipe we create, we put pets first. That’s what we’ve always done, and that’s what we’ll always do.