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Our Business

Big thanks to our retail partners, distributors and hundreds of thousands of pet lovers around the world who believe in us. Because of you, we're able to do what we do best: give dogs and cats happier, healthier and longer lives.

    French Bulldog looking up at bowl of kibble

    We’re Obsessed with Pet Nutrition

    Our recipes are formulated by a team of highly-qualified and committed pet nutritionists led by our Nutrition Manager, Natalie Asaro, who has a Master of Science in Companion Animal Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science from the University of Guelph.

    We’re Driven to Innovate in Everything We Do

    Our specialized pet nutritionists follow the latest evidence-based research when creating our recipes, helping us stay on the leading edge of pet nutrition. We take a science-based approach to focus on balancing nutrients, rather than adding ingredients based on trends or “what’s hot” in the market.

    Red haired girl cuddling cat

    We Hold Ourselves Accountable for Quality & Safety

    We never compromise in our commitment to quality, from ingredient procurement to the creation of our recipes. We're continually making advancements in ingredient sourcing transparency to ensure accountability and safety.
    Chocolate lab chasing ball in farm field

    Retail Buyers Value Our Commitment to Them

    We provide our North American retail partners and distributors with value-focused relationships, providing both human and financial support, backed by over 20 years of sales and marketing expertise.

    Blue-eyed cat licking wet food from bowl

    International Distributors Value Our Quality & Safety Standards

    We support our international distributors with comprehensive product education, regular communications and relationships based on respect, transparency and trust.

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    We’ve Made a Commitment to Sustainability

    Petcurean is widely recognized in the industry for our commitment to innovation and sustainability, not only in our recipes, but also for our ingredient sourcing and recyclable packaging pledge. This spirit of innovation has resulted in us becoming a pet food brand that's trusted around the world.
    Learn More about Our Sustainability Initiatives

    We're happy to share our extensive, evidence-based knowledge with our retail partners, distributors and customers.