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We’re Making the Switch

Here’s some news that’s giving us all the zoomies. Petcurean is one of the first five companies to sign the Pet Sustainability Coalition’s Packaging Pledge. That means we’ve made the commitment to switch to recyclable packaging by 2025.

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    Why Are We Changing?

    Because the world is changing. And Petcurean is committed to being a leader in sustainability. One of the greatest opportunities is with our packaging. Right now, 99% of all pet food and treat packaging ends up in the landfill. Switching to 100% recyclable packaging supports our Impact Area: Protecting the Planet. Making this switch also supports our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 12: Responsible Consumptions & Production and SDG 13: Climate Action.

    • Find the recycle logo on the bag
    • Make sure your bag is completely clean and dry
    • Look online for a drop-off spot if you don’t have curbside pick-up
    • Drop off the bag. Our planet thanks you!

    Recycling Our Bags Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3, (4)

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    What’s Our Number?

    Our recyclable bags have the #4 designation, meaning they’re made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and are accepted at recycling depots and stores throughout Canada and the USA. Some sustainability-minded communities offer curbside pickup.
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    A Few More Numbers to Get Excited About

    Once we’ve made the switch to recyclable packaging, we’ll be diverting 315,000 kg of packaging from landfills annually.

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    79 Tonnes of CO2e Emissions Saved Annually

    That equals the amount of CO2 released from burning 33,200 gallons of gasoline.

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    85 Million Gallons of Water Saved Annually

    That’s equal to the amount of water used during 4.2 million average-length showers or in 129 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

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    907,000 lbs of Plastic Packaging Saved from Landfills Annually

    That’s equal to the weight of 907 telephone poles or 907 grand pianos.

    GO! SOLUTIONS and NOW FRESH wet food Tetra Paks

    Did you know our Go! Solutions and Now Fresh wet food Tetra Pak cartons are also recyclable?

    95% of Canadians can recycle Tetra Pak cartons through curbside pickup or depot drop off. Check with your community recycling depot.