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Meet the Petcurean Brands

Petcurean offers our North American and international network of distributor and retailer partners a variety of brands and recipes that are loved by pet parents (and pets themselves) in over 30 countries, worldwide.

    Go! SolutionsNow FreshGatherSummit

    Pets First, Quality First

    We never compromise in our relentless drive for quality. We’re hands-on and eyes-on, every step of the way; from the formulation of our recipes by our specialized pet nutritionists, through sourcing ingredients from our trusted supplier network, to closely scrutinized manufacturing. We will always have a deeply-embedded and steadfast commitment to maintaining the safety and quality of our recipes. Why? Because our pets deserve it.

    Go! Solutions products for dogs and cats

    Go! Solutions

    Expert Solutions for Your Pet’s Dietary Needs

    Go! Solutions exists to relentlessly pursue relief for pets and pet parents, and the chance to create freedom through addressing dietary challenges. We believe that functional pet food doesn’t have to require sacrifice, and so we remove the need for compromise in taste, function, nutrition, and format, providing tailored solutions designed for a good quality of life. Our specialized pet nutritionists bring 20+ years of pet nutrition expertise to the everyday, designing focused offerings around the things that keep you up at night – be it skin & coat care, weight management, gut health, and more.

    NOW FRESH products for dogs and cats

    Now Fresh

    Thoughtful Nutrition, Made Simple.

    Now Fresh exists to give pet parents the ultimate peace of mind. We know that choosing the perfect food for your pet is hard and are here to help you unburden. We believe that great nutrition should be simple and obvious and that's why our expert nutritionists have spent over 20 years making exceptional nutrition, simple. With purposeful ingredients and highly digestible fresh meat, absolutely no product-or meat meals, our recipes provide uncompromising nutrition for your pet. Tailored to every breed size and stage of life so a healthy choice for pets, is a simple one for you!

    Gather products for dogs and cats


    Crafted Sustainably from Certified & Organic Ingredients

    Our idea behind Gather was to craft a new kind of pet food, using certified and organic ingredients, carefully balanced by expert pet nutritionists to provide wholesome & natural nutrition. At Gather, each ingredient is selected carefully, and we partner with some of the best ingredient suppliers in the world, only those who are practicing responsible, sustainable production of extraordinary ingredients to provide the perfect nutrition. This is functional, whole food from the earth, keeping pets healthy in body, mind and spirit.

    Summit products for dogs and cats


    Elevating Everyday Pet Nutrition

    Summit provides pets with all the delicious multi-meat flavours they crave and the nutrition they need, along with the value that our pet parents seek. We wanted to make premium nutrition more accessible, and so we were determined to elevate the taste and nutrition of everyday pet food to create recipes all pets could enjoy. Inspired by the natural surroundings of our home in British Columbia, Canada, our nutritionists sourced premium-quality, delicious proteins, fruits, vegetables, and healthy grains to make Summit flavourful in every bite.

    Chocolate lab chasing ball in farm field

    Retail Buyers Value Our Commitment to Them

    We provide our North American retail partners and distributors with value-focused relationships, providing both human and financial support, backed by over 20 years of sales and marketing expertise.

    Blue-eyed cat licking wet food from bowl

    International Distributors Value Our Quality & Safety Standards

    We support our international distributors with comprehensive product education, regular communications and relationships based on respect, transparency and trust.

    Want to learn more about our practices and commitments?