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Our Specialized Pet Nutritionists

Learn about Petcurean’s team of expert nutritionists, responsible for the quality and innovation behind our premium pet food recipes.

    Petcurean team of nutritionists

    We’re Simply Obsessed about Pet Health & Nutrition

    Our recipes are formulated exclusively by a team of caring and committed specialized pet nutritionists.

    Each nutritionist has at least six years of post-secondary education specializing in pet nutrition.

    Our Nutrition Manager, Natalie Asaro, has a Master of Science in Companion Animal Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science from the University of Guelph. Also on the team is a nutritionist with a Bachelor of Science in Companion Animal Health and a Master of Science in Animal Science from the University of Alberta, as well as a nutritionist with a Master of Science degree in Animal Nutrition from the University of Guelph.

    Blue eyed cat standing in grass

    Science-Based Nutrition in Every Recipe

    Our specialized pet nutritionists take a science-based approach to formulating our recipes, and focus on the bioavailability of ingredients, rather than adding them based on trends or “what’s hot” in the market.

    We're happy to share our extensive, evidence-based knowledge with our retail partners, distributors and customers.

    We Have High Standards for Our Ingredient Suppliers

    "An ingredient supplier doesn’t become a Petcurean supplier until they have met the health, safety and quality standards/criteria against which we hold all suppliers and partners." our Nutrition Manager Natalie Asaro stresses. "Our manufacturing partners help uphold our suppliers to these standards, and ingredients used within our recipes are tested for bacteria and toxins, prior to being received at our manufacturing facilities. We also source from as close to the plant as possible in order to maintain a high standard of quality and freshness."

    Puppy climbing on adult dog

    Creating Recipes Is a Collaborative, Innovative Process

    What protein will work best to achieve the desired outcomes? Which fruits and veggies are needed? What about oils and essential vitamins? We work with our production partners to source ingredients from a trusted network of producers. Our nutritionists use these premium-quality ingredients in the formulation of our recipes, checking and rechecking to ensure everything is just right.

    Dog running in lake with ball

    Changing for the Better

    Innovation here at Petcurean is an iterative process that we use to understand pets and their nutritional needs, challenge assumptions, redefine the problems and create innovative new solutions to prototype and test. Innovation has driven our growth since Petcurean began. We're always looking for opportunities to break through with new innovations to recipes and recipe formulation.